Monday, September 6, 2010

A perfect 10

Today is an absolutely beautiful day here on Cape Cod --warm, sunny, no humidity, no clouds.  I'd be more than happy to have many more of these days as we head into fall.  Today is also the official first real blog and an introduction.  I'm a 60 something wife to my husband of 42 years.  He is a retired professor who loves his classic cars and his time at the gym.  I'm a mom to my two adult children.  I'm a grandmother (Mimi) to my three beautiful grandgirls (see picture in right column.)  I spend my time crafting and gardening.  I've been crafting for as long as I can remember with cardmaking and paper crafts as my current passions.  I acquired my love of gardening from my grandparents; herbs and flowers are my favorites.
I want to thank my friend Joyce,  Scrap for Joy, for encouraging me to start this blog. I recently sent her a small gift that I had made using Julie Ebersole's, Paper Trufflez, template for a stationary box. I hope to post more pictures soon. I think this is going to be fun. Hope you will enjoy a peek into my life.


  1. Thank you for entering my giveaway and for your comment on my blog. It's always nice "meeting" fellow Cape Cod bloggers! ;)

  2. Welcome to blogdom Mary! So glad Joyce has encouraged you to join our happy blogging throng! it's truly a great way to get to know people and find out what you are passionate about! WELCOME and I look forward to being part of your bloggy community!